Thank You.

I haven’t touched this blog in literal months. Not because I didn’t want to, but because running a store is WAY more exhausting and time consuming than I thought. I also didn’t know what to write, or how to properly express myself.

The past few months have been some of the happiest, saddest, and most chaotic of my life. I launched Lycette’s first brick and mortar store in October of 2018 with high hopes and low expectations. I poured myself into Lycette retail with the outlook of “if it works it works, if it doesn’t I move on.” In the eyes of some I set myself up for failure- a large space with high rent, no public relations, no advertising, and a summer of trunk shows and expensive travel behind me. I launched Lycette with my own money, no loans and no investors. It was a definite risk but I was 28 and single with no family whom my decision would affect. If there was any time to try, it was now.

What doubters didn’t factor in was all of you. I am constantly amazed by your loyalty and passion for Lycette. I receive the nicest notes from y’all, spend hours with y’all on the phone, and have the best visits getting to know you. I may have had the idea for Lycette, but your support has gotten it to where it is.

Your support also allowed me to take a MUCH needed break this summer. Although the fall and winter of 2018 were filled with excitement and exponential growth, this past spring was filled with heartbreak. A man that I cared about deeply and had been seeing on and off passed away suddenly. At 28 I had never experienced the loss of someone I loved outside of family and a friend and it hurt. I felt depleted and shaken. However, it was the height of season, business was booming and I felt like I couldn’t take time off.

Three weeks after my friend’s passing, a sibling had health problems and spent close to a week in ICU. I didn’t even process the fright of this until later. I also didn’t process my mothers house being condemned due to a sink hole that swallowed her backyard, her jewelry being stolen or my move that was shoved in between all of this. I was on autopilot. Press was coming in and so were orders. Lycette was growing.

I didn’t want to lose out on Lycette’s unique opportunity for monetary “success” so I kept pushing. I tried to pretend like nothing was wrong, but in the end, like it always does, my feelings and exhaustion caught up to me. I started to make mistakes and fell behind on communication.

I am not sharing these experiences because I want sympathy or am throwing a pity party. I am sharing these experiences because they are a part of me and thus they are a part of Lycette. Since I launched Lycette close to three years ago (crazy!) I have learned that vulnerability and sharing our stories are the most authentic and courageous way to connect. I share my experiences from this past spring because I know it will help someone in the future or it will help someone now. The best way to process things is to talk and share. I am finally ready to do that.

I cannot thank y’all enough for respecting appointment only July. It was time I desperately needed to ground myself, to get in a routine, and re-establish my love for Lycette and for needlepoint. I know it was frustrating to constantly receive the answering machine or no response on email, but I truly truly cannot express how much that time meant to me. During my tenure at The Point of It All another employee once told me “Give from your excess, not your essence.” I am finally doing that.

I also am thankful for y’alls patience and understanding as I work out the “growing pains” of owning my own store.  Every day Lycette provides moments for growth and every day I try to fail better than the day before. I know what comes naturally and I know what I need to work on, but in the meantime I am proud of how far I have come. Not only do I own 100% of my store, but I am also the youngest shop owner in the country. I built my store from the ground up and did not purchase it from another owner. It is mine and I am proud.

I do not know what else to write except thank you. Thank you for your patience and your kindness. Thank you for your orders and support. Thank you for making Lycette your first stop in Palm Beach and sneaking in another stop on your way out of town. Thank you for sending me flowers when I have a bad day and for bringing scones to the shop just because. Y’all have not only made my company a success, you have changed my life. Your friendship and support mean more than you know and have impacted me in ways I never imagined. Thank you.

Needlepoint at Kips Bay

The Kips Bay Decorator Show house is underway here in Palm Beach which brings a great deal of excitement to our happy isle. There are so many talented designers involved with this year’s show house, however there is one space that naturally stuck out to me.

As my dear friend Andrea highlighted on her blog, The Glam Pad (read more here), designer Louise Cronan included this cheeky needlepoint pillow as part of her design. It just so happens that this particular canvas is in stock at Lycette!

Congratulations to all of the designers on their fabulous rooms – I’m looking forward to viewing in person, soon! If you have yet to visit, the show house is running until February 20th. For hours and more particulars, do visit here.