Mad About Madcap Cottage

I am THRILLED to host Madcap Cottage on the Lycette Blog. A few months back a message popped into my inbox, an invitation to talk needlepoint with John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon, the gents behind the interior design megahouse Madcap Cottage. My first reaction was, “NO, who would be mean enough to play this joke?” I had been following, and admiring, the careers of the Madcap men for years, including their recent cover of “House & Garden UK.” It turns out the message was not a joke, and I have been pinching myself ever since. John and Jason Oliver are vivacious, eloquent, and passionate about their love of needlepoint. The duo is dedicated to making “gorgeous needlepoint an interior design essential once again,” a cause I also share. Please join me as I explore Madcap’s passion for needlepoint, why John and Jason Oliver believe needlepoint is a staple to interior design, and how to incorporate needlepoint into your own home.