Dirty Hair, Don’t Care

In college I had the illustrious reputation of always (questionably) rocking a greasy top knot. When I wasn’t a walking poster for the benefits of dry shampoo, I was sporting a baseball cap. Most days I did not even possess the shameful excuse of being hung-over, I was just lazy. Thankfully, I’m older now, wiser (debatable), and have discovered the versatile silk scarf. Fold it in half, tie the two ends at your nape, throw on some sunnies, and instant chic! No one ever has to know your dirty secret. Perhaps these timeless ladies were camouflaging greasy locks? I suppose we’ll never know.
(top photo: Audrey Hepburn)

Lycette Designs Blog Jackie O.

Lycette Designs Blog Twiggy

Lycette Designs Blog Mother of CK Bradley

Lycette Designs Blog Elizabeth Taylor

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