Needlepoint Holiday Wishlist

Falalalala! The holiday season is upon us which means sugar comas, awkward family conversations, verbal altercations over parking spaces, and my favorite…wishlists!

I always have an ongoing wishlist whether it be for clic clacs, belgian loafers, or cookbooks (the Phaidon global collection is currently my favorite). However, the wishlist that always seems to be growing is my needlepoint list. Below are my sugarplum canvas desires as well as accoutrements for the needlepoint gal or guy in your life. Click the description to purchase. Happy Holidays!

Canvas Wishlist

christmas wishlist copy

Kate Dickerson Coral Mules

Jean Smith Bunny

Julie Pischke Seashell Purse

Kate Dickerson Mouse

Stitch-Its High Maintenance 

The Point of It All Eloise 

Susan Battle Hermes Inspired Brick Cover

Necessary Needlepoint Accoutrements

Christmas Wishlist 2 copy

D. Porthault Project Organizer to keep your project snug and chic

Nantucket Reds Sweater for a cozy night of stitching

L.L. Bean Boat ‘n Tote to carry around your ever increasing stash

Richard Ginori Fruit Bowl for holding thread scraps 

Sajou Tortoiseshell Scissors for the most beautiful scissors that never need to be sharpened 

A book on charting monograms so you don’t lose your mind trying to count it yourself 

A beautiful lamp so you can see what you are stitching   

P.S. I had WAY too much fun creating this list! Please let me know if you are interested in seeing needlepoint and non-needlepoint wishlists in the future….I hope so!

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  1. Yes yes yes!! Love love love! I’m all about lists. And especially fun ones! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. I love the list! My needlepoint wishlist includes Lycette Designs
    “I would prefer not to” canvas.

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