Kip’s Bay Palm Beach Show House

Last weekend I visited the impeccable Kips Bay Show House in Palm Beach with Mama Lycette. If you are on Instagram, indulge in interior design blogs, or are in anyway involved with or interested in the design world than you have, most likely, caught glimpses of this spectacularly chic show house.

As a needlepointing small business owning first child Virgo, I am, unsurprisingly, obsessed with details. Thus, I was enamored with the seemingly endless nuances in this show house whether it be a painted floor, trim on immaculate Roman shades, or the pink pleated lampshades housed within a light fixture above the stairs. Needless to say, by the end of the visit my camera reel was saturated with gorgeous photos.

I am excited to share with y’all some of the exquisite details that mesmerized me; however, I decided not to share too many! I want y’all to go and see it for yourselves. Trust me, it is worth the $35 admission. However, if you are not in the area I suggest heading to House Beautiful to view all of the gorgeous rooms. Let’s get started!


Upon entering the show house, I was struck by the tropically chic foyer designed by Ellen Kavanaugh. There were palm fronds, whimsically decoupaged walls, and, my favorite, a Florida Highwaymen painting (an essential for any Florida home).

breakfast room

If you are on social media than you have probably already seen Amanda Lindroth’s impeccable dining room featuring trellis, wicker, and orchids. Swoon

peering in

One aspect of the show house that impressed both Mama Lycette and I was the “flow” of the house. Even though every designer and room had their own style, the house was cohesive. This is evidenced by the above shot looking from the breakfast room by Christopher Maya into Amanda Lindroth’s dining room. Every room was complimentary to the one before it.

breakfast room 2

As a lover of details I was enchanted by Christopher Maya’s colorful and exotic breakfast room that inspired visions of sipping coffee in a silk caftan reading my favorite Cabana magazine while my husband, George Clooney, poached eggs in the kitchen. Fabulous interior design always inspires daydreams!


As we continued through the house, I found myself snapping less and less photographs. This was not because the rooms were not fabulous, they were, but rather because I spent time chatting with the interior designers or their associates. However, I did manage to capture some enchanting details between these wonderfully inspiring conversations, like the photograph above of the stair tower design by the McCann Design Group


or the gorgeous orchids in a cheerfully yellow room by Lisa Erdmann and Associates

porceilan dog bowl

and, my favorite, a blue and white Kohler sink for your beloved pooch to sip out of in the “Den Domestique” by NYC based Foley & Cox. So fabulously esoteric!


As a fan of classic children’s literature, I was delighted that Foley & Cox included “Babar” watercolors in their “Den Domestique.”


 I was equally delighted by Stark Carpet’s Kubra sky blue stair runner chosen by the McCann Design Group. I adore a blue leopard!

leta austin foster

After visiting an impeccably designed house, I felt inspired to spruce up the Pink Bungalow (my 1940’s house). Naturally I headed to the charming Leta Austin Foster (pictured above), where amongst the D. Porthault linens, hand-painted picture frames, and elegantly embossed stationery I found a few goodies to add to the lonnnggg list for Saint Nick.

mary mahoney

Finally, I popped into Mary Mahoney to oogle the gorgeous china. Forget inspiration for days, how about inspiration for years?

As a millennial I could not resist a quick selfie in the mirror. Oops!
As a millennial I could not resist a quick selfie in the mirror. Oops!

I hope you enjoyed Lycette’s peek into the Kips Bay Showhouse. I certainly enjoyed putting this blog post together for y’all! I am excited to share more glimpses of Lycette’s future adventures. Au revoir for now, and as always…

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