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I was in high school, steadfastly procrastinating my Macbeth paper late one night, when I stumbled across a colorful blog. It was love at first sight! The blog possessed gorgeous, original color combinations, and an appreciation for Chinoiserie and Palm Beach. Each post contained daydream images, and a narrative that was elegant and optimistic. Are you enticed? The name of my first blog crush was Annechovie.

annechovie 3
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My enthusiasm for Annechovie only expanded as I learned that Annechovie was not only a blog, but also an artist creating beautiful artwork (see above). Unlike my other first loves, my admiration for Annechovie has not wavered throughout the years, but has only grown stronger.

Fast forward to this past December when I was working with my fabulous marketing company (JSGD) on Lycette’s website, and I needed an image for my “About” page. I immediately contacted Annechovie to commission a watercolor portrait. I ended up not using the portrait for the website, but I am so fond of it.

Lycette Designs Watercolor by Annechovie
This portrait is, what I consider, the classier cousin of the selfie. Kylie Jenner, take note.

The watercolor now resides in my bedroom, beside my bed. Yes, this is narcissistic, but I feel to truly be a millennial I need to indulge myself every so often.

As you can see, Annechovie did an amazing job. Anne, the artist, was so easy to work with. Anne is bright, enthusiastic, and quick. She is also unbelievably friendly! We discussed concepts, she provided sketches, and within a month the portrait was in my little millennial hands! As if I didn’t already love Annechovie enough…

The good news is that you can have your own Annechovie piece! Anne’s artwork is available on her Etsy site. She has a plethora of fabulous products ranging from prints and original artwork, to mugs, pillows, and matchboxes. However, if you, like me, are a prissy pants, she also creates custom artwork!

Annechovie Striped Shirt Print~ Lycette Designs
Stripes? Pink? An affordable print? No Brainer.
Annechovie Bimini Abstract Original Painting~ Lycette Designs
The Colors!
Annechovie Personalized Monogram Matchboxes~ Lycette Designs
Ginger Jar?  Monograms? Oh Behave!

Annechovie Etsy Shop

Want even better news?? Annechovie is offering Lycette readers 20% off with the code LYCETTE20. Now, THAT is a great mid-week treat!

The point of this post? If you are in need of a fun, colorful pick-me-up, check out Annechovie. Anne has created a beautiful company that deserves to be shared! And don’t forget 20% off with the code LYCETTE20.

Ginger Jar Annechovie


p.s. Her social media accounts are amazing too. I am definetly guilty of re-pinning her far more than I should…opps!

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