Netflix & Needlepoint 4.0

Welcome to the fourth installment of Netflix & Needlepoint featuring “Call the Midwife.”  A BBC series on Netflix that follows a group of midwives, comprised of 20 somethings and nuns, as they make their rounds through the East End of London in the 1950s and 1960s.


I was still living in Washington DC when one of my best friends, Meredith, kept bugging me to watch “Call the Midwife.” She described it as deeply touching, and full of hope. It sounded too good to be true, so naturally I did not tune in. I hate being disappointed.


Fast forward to six months later, I was living at home with my mother and starting Lycette. I was scared about what the future held, and was in desperate need of something comforting. I gave into Meredith’s incessant recommendation and began “Call the Midwife.”

I was immediately hooked! Meredith was right, “Call the Midwife” was both touching and hopeful. Even though I cried every episode I felt uplifted by the end. It had the same effect as a warm cup of milky tea, or a soulful talk with a friend.

call-the-midwife-illustration  “Call the Midwife” is the perfect Netflix & Needlepoint show. The characters are lovable, and the dialogue is overflowing with soulful quotes that anyone can relate to! I double dare you not to adore the perfectly imperfect character Chummy.

The fabulous and lovable Chummy
The fabulous and lovable Chummy 

So grab a cuppa tea, your favorite needlepoint, and tuck into a heart warming episode of “Call the Midwife.” I can promise you will be happy you did.

 This “Call the Midwife” ornament by Rogue Needlepoint is next on my list! Available for purchase here.

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  1. Love this show. It is such a sweet spot in this sometimes ugly world. Agree that it is perfect show to stitch to. I’ve found the BBC to be especially soothing — Great British Baking Show is also a favorite to stitch to.

  2. Hi Tracy! We must be Netflix & Needlepointing Stitching Sisters. I also ADORE “The Great British Baking Show.” I agree with you, something about an English accent is so soothing. 🙂 If you come across any other fabulous shows please share!

  3. What a fun post! Anything British these days seems to be home and heartwarming! All of the above shows are fab and fun! Has anyone had the good fortune of watching, “Luther”? England’s most awesome detective!? If not, binging is thoroughly and highly recommended with a side of bangers and mash!

  4. I LOVE this!! You definitely got me hooked post-Dallas! Was certainly a mental soother after watching too much criminal shows <3 I am assuming you've seen the new Gilmore Girls?!

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