Netflix & Needlepoint 7.0

Summer always began with a road trip from Florida to Vermont. My parents would stuff the car like Mary Poppins purse, and we would stop at traditional historical sites like Williamsburg and less traditional historical sites like our favorite diner along 93 north.

As my brother and I grew the annual road trip became less frequent, until it finally ceased amidst our growing schedules filled with the summer horse show circuit and hockey camps. Even though our annual pilgrimage was no longer there were other summer traditions we kept- s’mores by the fire, jumping off the Quechee bridge, nights spent grilling sausages from Dan & Whits at Lake Pinneo, and my favorite- the weekly stop to Hollywood Video.

A photo from Summer Circuit, I can still hear my mother yelling at me to "STOP SLOUCHING!"
A photo from Summer Circuit, I can still hear my mother yelling, “STOP SLOUCHING!”

Every Sunday we would venture to the closest civilization to Quechee, Vermont- Lebanon, NH. My favorite weekly outing began with a stop at McDonald’s for a lobster roll, and then an hour browsing Hollywood Video. The deal between my mom, my brother, and I was that we could each pick two to three videos. My mother was loyal to musicals starring Babs and Judy,  I chose classics featuring Grace Kelly and Audrey, and my brother was steadfastly dedicated to Steve Martin and Jim Carrey.  

Our own little Jim Carrey!
Our own little Jim Carrey!

Our basement provided an escape from the summer heat, and our nightly movie binge provided my mother with time to needlepoint. It was during these nights that the idea of “Netflix & Needlepoint” became ingrained; although, at that time it was “VCR & Needlepoint.”

Even now, my mother and I still sit down every night to needlepoint while watching a movie. It is a Vermont tradition, one I plan to pass down to my children. As the summer trip to Vermont has shrunk to just my mother and I, friends have likened us to the dysfunctional but highly amusing ladies of “Grey Gardens.” Instead of being defensive and insulted, I have decided to embrace the comparison and dive headfirst into the Beale’s world of sing-song, bickering, and fabulous outfits. After all, I know this time with my mother is limited and I will one day find a man who finds caftans and needlepoint appealing. However, in the meantime you can find me in Vermont stitching along to the loquacious Edie Beale’s rants.

Future Halloween Costumes, perhaps?
Future Halloween Costumes, perhaps?

 “Grey Gardens” is the perfect summer “Netflix & Needlepoint” as it is filled with chic eye candy- the juxtaposition of a beautiful location in disrepair inhabited by loony society women (Little Edie and Big Edie were related to Jackie O). Even if you are too busy counting out stitches to glance at the screen, the quips from Little Edie are amusing enough and needlepoint pillow worthy.

Little Edie

Little Edie 2

“Grey Gardens” is not available on Netflix or Amazon Prime, but it is on YouTube (see below). What are your favorite summer “Netflix & Needlepoint” movies? Please share!

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  1. My mother and I are also compared to Beale ladies and we always take it as a compliment! Being from the same area of these ladies gives us even more reason to giggle at the comparison! If you are a fan I would also recommend the version featuring Drew Barrymore! It’s great!

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