Palm Beach Playlist

Palm Beach is a tropical playground where leisure is a lifestyle, not a noun. The island is whimsically ridiculous and nostalgically out of touch, which, of course, adds to it’s allure. No one bats an eye when a pig walks down the street, or questions the indulgence of a grocery store valet service. Between the tucked away vias and coconut palms reside individuals with flair. However, an Old Guard Palm Beach resident would not be found in the designer stores infiltrating historic Worth Avenue. For a true Palm Beach experience tuck into one of the charming Mizner vias dotting Worth Ave, head to South County Road, or peruse South Dixie Antique Row where style and individuality thrive amongst a nonpareil scattering of antique and vintage stores.

Dodie Thayer Palm Beach
Before Tory Burch introduced Dodie Thayer to the public, the Jupiter natives’ Lettuce Ware could be found all along South Dixie Highway.

I would adore to spend everyday in Palm Beach’s luscious fairyland; however, mundane real life summons.  So, I have composed this whimsical playlist to transport me to the land of chilled martinis, panama hats, caftans, and tattered belgian loafers. Slip into this mix of 1960’s Yé-Yé, samba, and modern electronic to escape the banal everyday and transport yourself to the recherché sophistication of Palm Beach.

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