Sunday Scaries

Sundays always sneak up, don’t they? Saturday you’re at brunch sipping cappuccinos and laughing with friends. Suddenly it’s Sunday, and you are staring at your vacuum filled with anxiety. This anxious feeling is the Sunday Scaries.

Instead of trying to fight the mean reds I experience on Sunday, I have decided to embrace the gloom. I slip into my prettiest pajamas and snuggle into a warm cup of coffee. I may begin a new needlepoint project, get lost in a book, or soak until pruned in a rose scented bubblebath. What I will not do is stress about the upcoming week!

Image via SummerWind
Image via SummerWind

Indulging in the last luxurious slivers of the weekend helps me productively combat Monday. It’s this tiny “living in the moment” thing I’ve been trying.

Embrace Sunday gloom like the royal you are!
Embrace the Sunday Scaries like the royal you are!

How do you spend your Sunday? No matter your relaxation of choice this mix of past and present female crooners is a soothing and uplifting accompaniment. Enjoy!

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