Why Lycette?

The most frequent question I am asked is,

“Why Lycette? Your name is Jessica…” 

Although the jumble of names associated with my company can be confusing, the answer is simple. I named Lycette after my great grandmother, Edythe “Edie” Lycette Morbeck.

Great Grandma Edie Lycette with my mother and her husband
Great Grandma Lycette with my mother and her husband

Over a year ago I was brainstorming names for my needlepoint company, and I was stuck. I wanted the company name to be original, but more importantly I wanted the name to have meaning. I deliberated using my own name, Jessica Chaney. Lord knows it would have made things  less confusing for y’all. I was about to send “Jessica Chaney Designs” to my marketing team when I realized how important it was that my needlepoint company represent more than me and my name. I wanted “Lycette” to celebrate women, family, and my core values of humor, graciousness, and appreciation for beauty.

Great Grandma
Great Grandma Edie Lycette was a fashionable lady. Here she is pearls, stripes, and gold bangles. Thats me squirming on her lap.

Like most women confused about an issue, I approached my mother for guidance. I told her I wanted Lycette to be a celebration of humor, graciousness, and an appreciation for beauty. Suddenly, she stared at me open-mouthed, “I know you were too young to remember your time with her, but your Great Grandmother Edie Lycette embodied those values.”

My mother was right, I was too young when Great Grandma Edie Lycette died to remember her. However, the more I asked family members about Great Grandma, the more I found wisps of her in my own life.

Great Grandma Edie Lycettes Charm Bracelet
Great Grandma Edie Lycettes Charm Bracelet

Edythe “Edie” Lycette Morbeck Strohecker was born in Idaho, and lived in Seattle and San Francisco before settling back at Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho. She is my maternal great-grandmother, mother of my Grandfather, Peter Morbeck. Her reputation was of a giving hostess and a caring friend. She was involved in her community and was a member of the P.E.O., social in the Hayden Lake Country Club, and active in her local Episcopal Church. She was even the president of the Idaho Chapter of the American Association of University Women. She adored pink and a good party, she always wore gold bangles, and she never cooked with a recipe.

great grandma and mom
My Mother, Me, and Great Grandma Edie Lycette

The more I learned about this strong woman, the more I realized how even if we only have a brief moment to interact with a family member their values and traits are embedded in us, hidden away in our subconsciousness. Like my Great Grandmother I am fond of celebrations and hosting. If you follow Lycette’s Instagram you know I always wear gold bangles. I was puzzled about the origin of my love for gold bracelets, until my mom shared you could always hear Great Grandma approaching by the jingle of her bangles.

I hope that by naming my company after a woman who was beloved by family and friends, Lycette will radiate Great Grandma’s joyous qualities. I adore answering
” Why Lycette?” as it allows me to share my family with y’all, because the only thing more important than needlepoint, is family.

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  1. What a wonderful history! I love the bit about the bangles as I was just thinking (after a photo of yours popped up in my Instagram) that you have the cutest collection bracelets!

  2. Love this sweet family history!! Also, love your bracelets (your dowry) ad hers!! I wear them too and feel naked without them!! Hope you’re having a wonderful spring!!!

    xoxo~ Meredith Lewis

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