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It’s an exciting day at The Pink Bungalow! As a Valentine’s Day gift to my fabulous followers you can now shop Lycette Designs directly through Lycette’s online store!

Although Lycette is now selling direct, we will be continuing our relationships with needlepoint brick and mortar stores across the country. In fact, it is only through trunk shows at brick and mortar shops that you will find Lycette’s canvases at a discount.

Call a World in Stitches for Lycette’s February Trunk show! 978-486-8330

In addition, Lycette’s online store will only offer canvases, not fiber.

Through Lycette’s online shop I hope to connect consumers to Lycette’s core mission of inspiring a new generation of needlepointers. I believe it is through a combination of online accessibility to canvases and the warm communities at our local needlepoint shops that our beloved hobby will attract new needlepointers and retain devoted stitchers.

Stay tuned as this is one of many exciting announcements Lycette has in store for 2018. As always,

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  1. Hui Jessica – Virginia tol me you er opening you shop. I am thrilled for you and will look forward to your canvasses

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