Lessons with Lycette: Basic Needlepoint Supplies

The most frequent question I am asked by beginners is,

What supplies do I need to begin needlepointing?

Believe it or not you only need four things…

1. A Beautiful Canvas

Lycette Designs Needlepoint Canvas Blue Hearts

For beginners I recommend a 13 mesh canvas (13 holes to the inch) with no more than a few colors. The smaller the project the better. The goal of  your first project is to be able to finish it and feel a sense of accomplishment. I recommend keychains, eyeglasses cases or ornaments like the ones below:




2. Colorful Thread

Short answer is the best thread for a beginner is one that you will enjoy working with. Long answer is there are a plethora of thread options (we will explore the world of fibers a later blog post). For most beginners I recommend Perle cotton #3 (the heavier weight for 13 mesh). This fiber line is both inexpensive and features bright colors. If you want to splurge I would recommend either Planet Earth Silk or Silk and Ivory. Both lines are easy to work with, both are colorful, and both are perfect for 13 mesh. However, out of all three fibers, Perle cotton is the most durable which makes it perfect for sunglass cases and sleeping masks ect.

3. Needle

A needle should be included with the purchase your canvas. However, if it is not you should look for a tapestry needle. Like choosing a fiber, the size needle you select should be appropriate for the mesh size canvas you have (preferably 13 for a beginner).  If you need help selecting a needle size simply use the chart below, via The Spruce Crafts.

Canvas Mesh Size  Tapestry Needle Size
#8 to #10 Size 16
#10 to #12 Size 18
#12 to #14 Size 20
#14 to #18 Size 22
#22 to #24 Size 24 to 26

Size 20 tapestry needles, perfect for 13 mesh canvases, available for purchase via this link.

4. Scissors

Ah! The dangerous blackhole of needlepoint scissors. I adore collecting specialty scissors, but honestly any household scissor will do for a first project.

If you are like me and love indulging in small luxuries I would recommend checking out Lycette’s collection of scissors to purchase. Each pair is handcrafted in France and fashioned by no less than a dozen artisans. In addition, each pair of scissors has a pairing mark on the interior of each blade, a sign that the blades have been perfectly adjusted to form a pair. Tres bien!

I hope this post was helpful! I promise beginning needlepoint is not as intimidating as it seems. Through “Lessons from Lycette” I hope to educate y’all on how to begin your first needlepoint project. Stay tuned for our next post! Until then, please contact Vice President Oreo or I with any questions!

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