On Point- Carol Jankowsky

I’m thrilled to feature stitcher extraordinaire Carol Jankowsky and her impressive projects in this week’s “On Point” series. Carol is a regular at Lycette and I always enjoy talking shop with her. As a stylish hostess in Palm Beach and Washington, D.C., Carol knows a thing or two about good taste. Read on to learn about Carol’s passion for needlepoint and how she is passing it on to younger generations.

Carol Jankowsky: Women on Point Lycette Designs

When did you first begin to needlepoint, and who taught you how to needlepoint?

I learned needlepointing from my Mom during my early teens. I always enjoyed seeing my mom stitch either needlepoint or cross stitching—she made so many beautiful things. I would look forward to returning from school and hoping her bridge or mahjong game was still going on, because all her friends would also needlepoint when sitting out and I would join in when I had the time. My mother-in-law was also an avid needle pointer.
I always enjoyed seeing my mom stitch—she made so many beautiful things.
Carol Jankowsky: Women on Point Lycette Designs

Where is your favorite needlepoint shop? What do you love about it?

My favorite needlepoint shop when in Palm Beach is, of course, your beautiful Lycette. It is such a lovely and very inviting place to hang out and also get some sweet attention from your darling dog! In DC, I love The Point of It All. When in London, I adore Lady Palumbo’s Tappesserie! My poor husband recalls sitting and waiting many hours while I enjoyed picking out my latest project…all of my pretty evening bags are from there and Anya Hindmarch would do the lovely finishing. Lunch at Scalini on Walton St was worth his wait!
Carol Jankowsky: Women on Point Lycette Designs

What do you like to watch during a Netflix & Needlepoint session?

I love watching many Netflix series while needlepointing.  I can’t wait for The Crown and Big Little Lies to return.

What is your personal style, and how do you needlepoint projects reflect it?

I love lots of color and texture mixed with beautiful accessories around the house, I adore mixing and matching. Chintz will never go out of style in my opinion! I suppose I would describe my ‘style’ as classic with a touch of contemporary. This combination makes me very happy!
I adore mixing and matching.

If you were to host a stitching get together, what would you serve?

My menu for a stitching lunch group would be either my shrimp salad, with a cheese soufflé, tomato aspic with a yummy herb mayo sauce, or a cold chicken curry salad with a soup to start along with salad, cheese, and the works. I have a delicious frozen lemon icebox tart recipe from a dear friend from Hawkinsville , Ga that I serve often! For a dinner menu, I would serve anything from my favorite, Alex Hitz. I love his Salmon with Gribisch sauce or his Lime Pork Tenderloin recipe. Anything he does is wonderful in my opinion. For dessert, something chocolate and runny!

What project are you currently working on?

Presently, I am working on a darling eyeglass case from Lycette! It is very bright and cheery….it will be easy to find in my bag!

Have you passed needlepoint onto your daughters? 

The good news is that my two daughters are also big needle pointers. They began as teens and really churn out fabulous work. We laugh at the shop when I bring in my daughter, Jill—she turns out canvases very quickly, the nicest work that I have ever seen! It is perfection and I love having my girls join me. We are now teaching my darling 9-year-old granddaughter. We’re now three generations having fun stitching together!

We’re now three generations having fun stitching together!

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  1. Adore the piece with clothing, shoes, accessories, and Saks made into a pillow.
    Would like to find this canvas, if possible.
    Enjoyed the article.

  2. I love ALL your On Point posts. As a person from the West Coast (California), not West Palm Beach, I love hearing these stories of generations of legacy stitchers and seeing photos of their lovely and inspirational work! I learned needlepoint from my future mother-in-law and her mother many years ago as a teenager. So, I deeply resonate with many of your stories. Sharing these experiences and photos of the work over several generations gives us a precious window into the amazingly varied world of needlepoint artistic design and execution. Truly, this is a legacy to be treasured. Thank you!

    Please keep up the good work and inspiration. Thank you.

  3. What a delightful read! Would love to know / find out more about the Key West, closest and drangfly pieces. They may well be vintage, but are those canvases still available?

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