Sunny Days Wishlist

A Sunny Charm for the charm bracelet you inherited from your Grandmother

A classic record to play in the background while entertaining.

The perfect summer frock

A wicker hurricane for an effortless tablescape

Monogrammed needlepoint project bags, add vinyl on the outside to protect from saltwater and sand at the beach.

The best detangling comb for post swim. An investment.

Tomato Seeds for your signature Caprese Salad

A cozy sweater for campfire nights on the beach

To ensure the perfect glow

A timeless hat to protect your face

A canvas that reminds you of your favorite restaurant, Woodmans

Cheery yellow, bonus points if they get a bit scuffed from bike rides

Cherry chapstick, because lipstick is too formal for summer

A signature and on the perpetual wishlist


Here’s to warmer weather!

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