Traveling with Needlepoint

One of the questions I am most frequently asked by followers on Instagram is,

How do I travel with Needlepoint?

 As I set off on Lycette’s Massachusetts tour I have decided to answer this frequently asked question with some tips…

1. Scissors

According to the TSA scissors are permitted for carry-on as long as they are “less than 4 inches from pivot point.” This includes Gingher’s classic crane scissors as well as Lycette’s favorite tortoiseshell and mother of pearl scissors.

2. Needles

Guess what? Needles are allowed on planes too! However, as my needles have a special way of slipping out of my canvas I always carry extras in the change compartment of my purse

3. Carry Case

My all-time FAVORITE case for needlepoint is by D. Porthault! Not only is the outside waterproof but there are also quite a few pockets inside the case- perfect for housing fibers and threads. Available for purchase here.

 4. Travel Tote

I used to travel exclusively with my boat n’ tote until we hit turbulence and my needlepoint project slid out. I did not notice until I was at the hotel. Needless to say a few tears fell that evening. Now I have a new favorite travel tote by MZ Wallace. The inside has SIX pockets (perfect for projects), the outside is water and stain resistant, there is a zipper on the top, and the handles are leather padded so your shoulder won’t get sore while carrying. Can you tell I am smitten? I cannot say enough good things! Purchase your own here.

I hope this helps as you all embark on your summer journeys!

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  1. Love your blog! I have an assortment of MZ bags for purses, it never thought of one for my needlepoint! Ive been using a roll up bag a friend brought back for me from England for travel. Will check out your idea!

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