Colorful, cheeky needlepoint canvases designed to enchant fellow aesthetes and inspire creativity.

Lycette reinvigorates needlepoint with a modern, playful elegance. Inspired by lush winters in Palm Beach, the hydrangeas and hammocks of New England summers, and the effortless elegance of equestrian style, Lycette believes Eloise is the ultimate girl crush and a little cheekiness is always appreciated. Most importantly, one should be luxurious in the pursuit of traditional pastimes, elegant interiors, and effortless style. Through our colorful, cheeky needlepoint designs, Lycette hopes to enchant fellow aesthetes and inspire creativity.

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Why I Needlepoint

Yesterday, as I compiled questions for another “Women on Point,” I realized I have never told y’all why I needlepoint. Sure, there are hints that can be inferred from my Instagram– I grew up with it, I love beautiful things, I am mentally an 86 year old in a 26 year old body. But none


Women on Point- Sophistication is Overrated

Oh my goodness, I am BEYOND excited to feature the current “Women on Point.” I do not even know where to begin! I purchased the book “Sophistication is Overrated” a year ago, and I immediately fell in love with Sue Sue and Bab’s elegant and hilarious entertaining style. Of course, my love increased as they


Netflix & Needlepoint 4.0

Welcome to the fourth installment of Netflix & Needlepoint featuring “Call the Midwife.”  A BBC series on Netflix that follows a group of midwives, comprised of 20 somethings and nuns, as they make their rounds through the East End of London in the 1950s and 1960s.


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