Colorful, cheeky needlepoint canvases designed to enchant fellow aesthetes and inspire creativity.

Lycette reinvigorates needlepoint with a modern, playful elegance. Inspired by lush winters in Palm Beach, the hydrangeas and hammocks of New England summers, and the effortless elegance of equestrian style, Lycette believes Eloise is the ultimate girl crush and a little cheekiness is always appreciated. Most importantly, one should be luxurious in the pursuit of traditional pastimes, elegant interiors, and effortless style. Through our colorful, cheeky needlepoint designs, Lycette hopes to enchant fellow aesthetes and inspire creativity.

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Holiday Wishlist

Happy Holidays, y’all! This past weekend Mama Lycette and I traveled to NYC for a quick girls trip (blog post to come). We were hoping the cold weather and festive decorations would wipe away our bah humbug attitudes, and they did! I returned from NYC ready to string garland around the Pink Bungalow, bake dozens of sugary cookies,


Kip’s Bay Palm Beach Show House

Last weekend I visited the impeccable Kips Bay Show House in Palm Beach with Mama Lycette. If you are on Instagram, indulge in interior design blogs, or are in anyway involved with or interested in the design world than you have, most likely, caught glimpses of this spectacularly chic show house.


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