Colorful, cheeky needlepoint canvases designed to enchant fellow aesthetes and inspire creativity.

Lycette reinvigorates needlepoint with a modern, playful elegance. Inspired by lush winters in Palm Beach, the hydrangeas and hammocks of New England summers, and the effortless elegance of equestrian style, Lycette believes Eloise is the ultimate girl crush and a little cheekiness is always appreciated. Most importantly, one should be luxurious in the pursuit of traditional pastimes, elegant interiors, and effortless style. Through our colorful, cheeky needlepoint designs, Lycette hopes to enchant fellow aesthetes and inspire creativity.

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Lycette’s Signature Blueberry Lime Bread

I have always believed in signatures- whether it is a signature hairstyle, signature accessory, or a signature recipe. Signatures become part of our identity and style, and are memorable to those we meet. Even though I am only 26, I have already developed a few signatures of my own. Family and friends  know I am


Palm Beach Playlist

Palm Beach is a tropical playground where leisure is a lifestyle, not a noun. The island is whimsically ridiculous and nostalgically out of touch, which, of course, adds to it’s allure. No one bats an eye when a pig walks down the street, or questions the indulgence of a grocery store valet service. Between the tucked away vias and coconut


Netflix & Needlepoint 5.0

I have officially been home more than a week from San Jose market and I am exhausted! There is nothing more I would like than to snuggle with the pups, cuppa tea in hand, and hunker down for a lengthy Netflix & Needlepoint session. However, work beckons and I am busily painting away canvases to fulfill orders. A plethora of



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