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Colorful, cheeky needlepoint canvases designed to enchant fellow aesthetes and provoke imagination.

Named after my great-grandmother, Lycette reinvigorates needlepoint with a modern, playful gracefulness.  Inspired by lush winters in Palm Beach, the hydrangeas of New England summers, and the effortless elegance of equestrian style, Lycette believes Eloise is the ultimate girl crush and a little dash of daring is always appreciated. Through Lycette’s colorful, cheeky needlepoint designs, I hope to enchant fellow aesthetes and provoke imagination. May your creativity produce pieces that will be cherished for decades to come!

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230 S County Rd.  Suite A
Palm Beach, FL 33480

Ph |  561.469.9155

Hours |  Tuesday-Friday 10-5, Saturday 10-4

On Point- Carol Jankowsky

I’m thrilled to feature stitcher extraordinaire Carol Jankowsky and her impressive projects in this week’s “On Point” series. Carol is a regular at Lycette and I always enjoy talking shop with her. As a stylish hostess in Palm Beach and Washington, D.C., Carol knows a thing or two about good taste. Read on to learn


Well-Appointed Rooms

When selecting a needlepoint project, we often have visions of where we’ll place our finished handiwork before we’ve even picked out the fibers. Will it become a pillow and grace the living room sofa or find its way into our best friend’s kitchen in the form of a doorstop? Luckily for us, inspiration abounds in


Thank You.

I haven’t touched this blog in literal months. Not because I didn’t want to, but because running a store is WAY more exhausting and time consuming than I thought. I also didn’t know what to write, or how to properly express myself. The past few months have been some of the happiest, saddest, and most



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